NWO-funded team

Cyrus Mody is an historian of recent science and technology, specifically the applied physical sciences in the United States since 1965.  He studies the commercialization of academic research, the longue durée of responsible research and innovation (RRI), and the technopolitics of scarcity in the long 1970s.

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Odinn Melsted obtained his PhD in history in 2020 from the University of Innsbruck for a dissertation on “Icelandic Energy Regimes: Fossil Fuels, Renewables and the Making of a Low-Carbon Energy Balance, 1940-1980.” He is now a postdoc in the Managing Scarcity project, looking at oil actors’ environmental diplomacy in the 1970s.

Jelena Stankovic has a BA and MA in History, as well as an MA in European studies on Society, Science and Technology from Maastricht University. Since 2020 she has been a PhD candidate in the Managing Scarciy project, focusing on the history of oil firms involvement in solar energy.

Michiel Bron has a master’s in history and philosophy of science from Utrecht University and did an internship at the National Museum Boerhaave in Leiden before becoming a PhD candidate in the Managing Scarcity project. His research looks at the surprisingly long history of oil and nuclear energy.